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Free Networking Meetings. Enjoy Living & Learning.

AdProp are the perfect partners in your wealth creation strategy, not only looking after your investment property as if it were their own, but also supporting and networking with clients, making investing knowledge freely available. AdProp’s philosophy is that people do not create wealth alone but with the help and ideas of like-minded people in a WEALTH NETWORK.

With AdProp, you can create a powerful WEALTH NETWORK that will propel you into great success. If you have ever attended one of AdProp’s positively charged Networking Meeting or Investment Seminars, you will know how amazingly informative they can be.


Investment Seminars attract some of the most inspirational speakers from around Australia to make them available to valued clients. Wealth creation strategies are continously improving and Investment Seminars are designed to share the latest information available.

On a more regular basis, AdProp also offers Networking Meetings for clients who would like to build or grow their own WEALTH NETWORK in a non-threatening environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to become successful and surrounded by people who are already successful in their own right. AdProp Networking Meetings are held monthly in multiple locations, keeping the numbers limited to maintain the personal touch of these meetings for all those who attend.

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