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Common Mistakes Property Investors Make

Presented by Darren Hunter

Darren has over 20 years property management experience and is considered one of the few property management authorities in Australasia.  Darren travels nationally and internationally training property managers and real estate business owners in seminars and conferences, and has developed a number of different training resources.

Over time, Darren has found that property investors everywhere seem to make the same mistakes when renting out their investment property.
In this MP3 you will learn about…

  • The common mistakes and how you can avoid them
  • Problems relating to self-management, repairs and over-pricing
  • The costly mistakes resulting from being emotionally involved
  • Requirements and expectations of current property management legislation
  • Approx. 17 mins.

Darren presents this message in easy to understand language. This invaluable content will make your life easier as a property investor by ensuring that you have the right expectations about the property management process.

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