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Ten Good Reasons...

10 reasons to choose AdProp to manage your property investment portfolio:

1- Property Management Specialists- our focus is property management. Our company direction, vision and goals are not focussed on something else like a sales department; leaving property management to ‘flounder’ on the side.

You can be assured of our full attention and focus on your property.

2- We are Property Investment Educators- we are investors like you. We understand property investment and accordingly we run the Real Estate Wealth Network every month to keep you motivated to grow your real estate property investment portfolio - what other agency gives you that?

3- Utilising Technology- AdProp has invested in the very best technology that allows all your statements, payments and copies of important documentation like tenancy agreements, inspections and tradesperson tax invoice copies to be emailed to you. No more paper getting lost or delayed in the post and helping the environment too! 

4- Easy to Understand Fees- we give you a choice of fee packages, including the ability to have one easy monthly fixed percentage. Very popular with our clientele; this gives you complete predictability to know what your fees will be in advance, and no ‘hidden’ and unpleasant surprises of unexpected fee charges. We roll all our fees into one!

5- Regular Maintenance Reports- not only do you get periodic inspections on your property conducted by our Asset Manager, but we also have our handyman attend your property twice per year and give you a detailed maintenance report of your property - so you can know what you need to do to keep the standard of repair high and maximise your capital value of your property.

6- Use of Two National Tenancy Databases- we screen all applicants against two national tenancy databases. When just about every agent in Adelaide only uses one or nothing at all, you can know we will screen your potential tenant against over 6 million national tenancy records, giving you the greatest chance possible of getting the best tenant.

7- Multimedia Marketing- as the only property management agency we are aware of in Adelaide using this technology, your property can be showcased to prospective tenants with an impressive still photo ‘virtual tour’, along with a professional voice over - at a very low fee! Now that’s innovation! Check out an example of how we can advertise your investment property on our promotional pages

8- Specialist Rental Market Appraiser- our Client Relationship Manager is full time focussed on ensuring the maximum rent is achieved against today’s market. As they are not ‘side tracked’ with the day to day property management duties, they can give you specialist attention to ensure your needs are met to get you the best rent return possible on your property investment portfolio.

9- Exclusive Property Investor’s Handbook- when you choose to become our client, you will be supplied with a detailed user manual- our exclusive Property Investor's Handbook. With four sections covering commonly asked questions and answers, important pieces of legislation, a guide to getting your property ready for tenancy and our written customer services and guarantee, you will be able to understand the property management process better than before.

10- Multi Let Property Advice- how to increase your rental income by 100% more! AdProp can provide you exclusive advice on how to convert your property into a multi-let tenancy, where instead of getting $300 - $400 per week in a traditional rental property, you may be able to get up to $600 - $700 per week. If your property is unsuitable for this type of tenancy, we can give you advice on what type of property will be able to achieve this, and connect you with one of our alliance partners who can source you the right property.