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Important questions to ask when seeking a Property Manager

Ten important questions to ask and consider:

To equip you in choosing the right property management agency to manage your property investment, here are some questions you can ask the prospective property manager when making enquiries.

1. Do you have a person who focuses on getting the maximum rent for my property, and are you able to provide me with a report that confirms this?

2. Do you check prospective tenants against two national tenancy databases?

3. What measures and procedures do you have in place to ensure my rent is paid on time?

4. Do you have access to tradespeople that can do professional work at very competitive rates?

5. What is the main focus of the real estate company. Is their main focus on real estate sales with rentals ‘on the side’ or are they solely focussed on property management?

6. How much property management experience has the company principal or department manager? Do they have management that understands in detail the property management process? Are they just experienced in real estate sales only?

7. Does the company have an Exclusive Property Investor’s Handbook for clients?

8. Does the agency have documented customer service standards?

9. Do you provide a 3 month management fee free guarantee?