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The Ingoing Condition Report

Two copies of an Ingoing Condition Report will be given to you either at the time of signing the lease agreement or prior to you moving into the property.

You then have fourteen (14) days to review this report and return one signed copy to our office with any comments, retaining the other copy for your records. This is absolutely vital in order to avoid any possible disputes about the condition of the property when you vacate.

The Ingoing Condition Report records the condition of the property when you move in and is checked at the final inspection to ensure you leave the property in the same condition. If there is any damage, excessive wear and tear or items needing repair that have not been included on the Ingoing Condition Report when you receive it, be sure to list them on the form when you return it or you may be held liable at the end of the tenancy.

Digital images will form part of the Condition Report, providing a more comprehensive report on the condition of the premises when you commence your tenancy.