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The Sign-Up Process- Your Tenancy Induction

Once approved, you will be asked to pay your rent and bond upfront, and also make a time to come in and sign the tenancy agreement and all associated paperwork. This is usually done within 24-48 hours of tenancy approval.

Once an appointment is confirmed with your Asset Manager, please ensure the following-

Be on time- your agreed appointment time means we have allotted this time to sign your documents to secure your tenancy. As we usually have ‘back-to-back’ appointments being late to the appointment may mean we need to re-assign this time slot, which could create undue inconvenience. Please call us prior if you believe you maybe five or more minutes late.

Allow 30-45 minutes for the appointment- we will need to discuss a number of tenancy aspects with you and ask that you allow 30-45 minutes for documents to be explained and signed.

No cash or personal cheques- unless you have already paid your bond and rent by EFT (as directed by your asset manager) please pay your upfront bond and rent by bank cheque or money order. For security reasons we do not take cash, nor do we carry change. Further, we are unable to accept personal cheques for the first payment of bond and rent.

All persons present- all applicants approved to have their names on the tenancy agreement need to be present at this appointment.

Location- unless stated otherwise, all tenancy inductions are conducted at our office address-

Todd Street Business Chambers
6 Todd Street
Port Adelaide SA 5015