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Paying Your Rent On Time

Rent payments

Your lease agreement will specify how often payments must be made, either calendar monthly (or fortnightly if agreed). Prior to your first rental payment (after the payment made at the time of signing the lease agreement) we will provide you with a range of options for future payments of rental.

You can pay your rent either by EFT or by Direct Credit. At your tenancy induction, you will be supplied with our AdProp Trust Account BSB and Account number.
Please note that we do not accept cash payments at our offices.

If for any reason you are having difficulty in meeting your payment obligations, please contact your Property Manager as soon as possible to discuss the situation.

Understanding Calendar Monthly Payments as opposed to Fortnightly Payments

Some people do find the concept of calendar monthly payments confusing, as they think that a calendar month's rent is 4 weeks (28 days), however everyone would agree that there are not exactly 28 days in a month.

Calendar month is 12 equal payments of rent over a full year of 365 days. It is worked out by Weekly Rent divided by 7 days to get Daily Rent. Daily Rent is then multiplied by 365 days for Yearly Rent. This Yearly Rent figure is then divided by 12 months for Calendar Monthly Rent.

For example, $300 per week calculated Calendar Monthly. Divide weekly rent of $300 by 7 days to get daily rent of $42.86 (rounded up). Daily rent is then multiplied by 365 to get yearly rent of $15642.86. Yearly rent is then divided by 12 months to get $1303.57 of 12 equal calendar monthly payments.

Calendar month rent will be due on the same date each month (ie- the 15th of the month each month)

Fortnightly rent is 2 weeks/14 days. Fortnighly rent is due for payment on the same day each fortnight (ie- every second Friday).

Understanding the Concept of 'Rent In Advance'

Some people do not understand the concept of rent in advance. Simply rent in advance means that you purchase your (calendar month or fortnight) portion of time up front and then consume it (by residing in the property/remaining in possession)

If you go into a shop to buy a can of drink, you purchase it first then consume the drink. You don't get it from the fridge, drink it first and then pay for it! Therefore rent is paid in advance before the time period is consumed. Once the time period is used, you must pay again in advance to use the new time period.

The 2 weeks 'rent in advance' you pay before taking possession is not held in trust like a bond payment but is used by you in your first 2 weeks of tenancy.

Zero tolerance to late rent payments

We maintain a strict policy regarding rent arrears.

If your rent is unpaid after the due date we will contact you either by phone, email or send you an SMS message for a commitment to rectify this situation immediately. If however the rent should ever become 16 days or more behind we will issue you with a Form 2- Remedy of Breach/Termination Notice. Upon the expiry of the notice, an Application will be made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for vacant possession and recovery of rent arrears if rental is not paid within this period of time.

'3 Strikes' Policy- You are required to pay your rent in advance on or before the due date. If you should fall behind and we need to follow you up (as you have not contacted us prior to becoming behind in payments) and this occurs 3 or more times, we will possibly not recommend to the landlord that your lease be renewed at lease renewal time.

This means that you would need to vacate and find alternate accommodation with also the possibility of an unsavoury reference on a national tenancy default database.