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Fire and General Safety Issues

Your safety in and around the property is of the highest priority. There are a number of situations that place you at risk and we urge you to contact us if you have a concern.
Some things to be aware of include:

  • Exposed wiring.
  • Gas odors.
  • Entry door locks do not work or function properly.
  • Damage to paving and pathways that could cause someone to trip.

If you suspect that any plants in the garden are poisonous or that you may be allergic to them.

If you need to clean a property with high ceilings or light fittings that are hard to reach, please do so with care and use the appropriate equipment.

Smoke Alarms

The property you are leasing will most certainly have smoke alarms and your Property Manager will ensure they are in working order at the commencement of your tenancy and will be checked during each maintenance inspection. Remember Smoke Alarms save lives!


When using a heater, ensure that combustible materials such as curtains and clothing are kept away from the heater.

In the kitchen

Never leave food unattended on the stove while cooking and take extra care when cooking with oils or fat. Don’t wear loose clothing while cooking as it could catch alight when you reach over the stovetop.

If oils or fat should catch alight while cooking turn off the heat source and don’t move the pan/pot. Cover with a lid or chopping board to starve the fire of oxygen. If you can’t put the fire out phone 000.

Around the home

Keep matches and cigarette lighters well out of the reach of children.

Use candles with care. Keep them away from combustible materials such as curtains, clothing and paper. Always extinguish candles before going to sleep and supervise children and pets when using candles in the room.

In the event of a fire

Don’t lock doors with the key before going to bed as you may not be able to get out the property quickly in the event of a fire. Most deadlocks have a button that can be easily unlocked from the inside. In the event of a fire, exit the property immediately and close doors behind you to stop the spread of fire. Smoke rises, so if there is a lot of smoke it will be easier to breathe if you stay low.

If someone’s clothing should catch fire they should drop to the ground, cover their face and roll back and forth to extinguish the flames. Never beat the fire (i.e. with a blanket) as this will increase oxygen flow to the fire and cause it grow larger.