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Troubleshooting Repairs Guide

No electricity

Check fuses and safety switch located in the electrical meter box. If the safety switch has tripped, reset it. If it trips again, turn off all power points and unplug your appliances. Begin plugging in appliances one by one to find out which one is tripping the switch. If the appliance belongs to you, the repairs are your responsibility. If the appliance belongs to the owner, contact your Property Manager who will arrange repairs.

Hot water systems

If you experience problems with a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light has not gone out. There should be instructions on the system for relighting the pilot light. You can also adjust the temperature of the water; again, check the instructions.


Refer to the manual (if provided) for initial troubleshooting. If you cannot fix the problem or it is not referred to in the manual, contact your Property Manager. Please note that appliance manuals can usually be accessible by doing a Google search, and placing the make and model names into the search and using other key words like ‘user manual’ or ‘handbook’.

Washing machines and dryers

For washing machines, check the hot and cold water connection hoses and taps before calling to report a problem. Dryers will need to have the lint filter cleaned often, generally after each use. If the washing machine/dryer belongs to you, any maintenance is your responsibility. If they appliance belongs to the owner and you have checked the manual (if provided), contact your Property Manager to arrange repairs.

Blocked sinks and drains

For bathroom sinks and showers, the drain cover can often be lifted up to assist with the removal of blockages.
Use a drain cleaner such as Drano crystals or liquid. Follow the instructions and use with care as the product is corrosive. Wear gloves and ensure that the room is well-ventilated. If there is a recurring problem with blocked sinks or drains, please advise us in writing.